Highest Footfall in Four Decades! Shri Kedarnath Ji Yatra 2018- Crosses 7 Lakh Mark

Over seven lakh pilgrims have visited the Kedarnath Dham during 2018, this is the highest footfall to the holy shrine in almost four decades as per the state government officials. This is the highest number of pilgrims ever recorded since the time data of pilgirms is available with the government authorities. As stated by a government official, the records of pilgrims have been kept since 1981.


Earlier, the highest number of tourists visiting the shrine was recorded in 2012, where 5.83 lakh pilgrims came to Kedarnath. The increase in yatri numbers since the tragedy of 2013 can be attributed to the availability of better facilities by government authorities in the present day. Many yatri conveniences have been created, and are still being created for future betterment. All of government’s initiatives greatly help the helicopter operators as well for smooth running of operations.



Himalayan Heli Services alone ferried approx. 30,000 yatris to the holy shrine this year. We truly believe that providing our Heli-yatra service to the pilgrims is a service to the god, and this solely motivates us to serve our passengers with our full capacity. Our dedicated team makes sure all our passengers taken care of, and at times of need we even try to tend to other yatris’ needs.


Seeing the overwhelming response from yatris this year, we really look forward to serving the yatris travelling to the holy shrine in the future. May Lord Shiva’s light keep shining at the Kedar-Dham for eternity, and may Himalayan Heli Services get the opportunity to continue serving devotees for the years to come. Jai Bhole!

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