We, at Himalayan Heli, having ensured your safety for over 20 Years have always kept safety at the centre of our flying operations. And now, in the era of the New Norms, we were bound to take our safety standards to much higher levels.

Our team of experts and professionals have devised SOPs for the flying operations, covering all the necessary safety precautions against Covid-19, while ensuring a hassle-free & pleasant flying experience of our flyers. Below mentioned are the key precautions being taken for your safe travel:

  •   We follow government prescribed measures in regards to COVID-19, and passengers are required to adhere to the measures at the time of their travel.
  •   Passengers will be provided PPE gowns/kits, masks & sanitizers by our crew before boarding their respective flights (at an additional cost at certain destinations).
  •   Wearing a mask is compulsory to board the helicopter and must be worn at all times.
  •   Our helicopters are sanitized and fumigated post-flight for the safe flying of our passengers.
  •   Our services are operational depending up on the lockdown/curfew protocols of the respective State in which we are operating.

There are various travel precautions which are necessary for safe travel, below mentioned are few basic points which each and every passenger should take care of:

  •   Vaccinations against COVID19: While we encourage everyone to get vaccinated ASAP, being vaccinated prior to your trip is not 100% mandatory unless it has been made compulsory by the State/Central Governments in their travel guidelines.
  •   COVID Tests: COVID RT-PCR or Antigen/Rapid tests are compulsory for travel in only those States where it is prescribed in State/Central Government’s travel guidelines. Therefore, please go through the State prescribed guidelines prior to your travel and get the same in order well in time. You may also connect with our team to obtain confirmation on the same.
  •   Try not to touch your eyes, mouth, and nose while traveling or whenever outside home premises. Wash your hand frequently and thoroughly and carry an alcohol-based sanitizer so that you can use it frequently.
  •   While sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue. Make sure to discard the tissue immediately and wash your hands.
  •   Practice social distancing which means maintaining a 1-2 metres distance between yourself and others.
  •   Seek medical help in case you feel unwell. In case of symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty in breathing then seek medical attention immediately.

With your support and cooperation, we are prepared to keep flying high despite all challenges. Together we shall overcome this.