Aerial Work


Our experience in the Aerial Work sector sets us apart. Other than having a thorough knowhow of the logistics involved in conducting remote base operations. In a country like India, we understand the various complexities and nuances of dealing with various govt. regulatory authorities and keep a current and clear understanding of the process of obtaining DGCA, Ministry of Defense, local authorities and if required securing STC approvals on time.

Geophysical Surveys

Since 2009 we have done more than 150,000 line kilometres of low flying operations conducting multi parameter Time Domain Electro-Magnetic (TEM) geophysical surveys in various parts of the country.

The different Time-Domain Electro-Magnetic systems we have flown so far are:

  • VTEM: Geotech, Canada
  • ZTEM: Geotech, Canada
  • SKYTEM: Skytem, Denmark

We have worked extensively for two of the leading geophysical organisations in India, Atomic Minerals Directorate (AMD) Hyderabad and National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) Hyderabad.

  • Gravimeter: In January 2017 we conducted India’s first Gravimeter survey for AMD, Hyderabad.
  • LiDAR: In the private sector we have conducted LiDAR surveys for Hindustan Zinc Ltd. (Vedanta Group) and Rio Tinto.

Powerline Stringing

In 2013 we did the first heliborne powerline stringing project to happen in India, for Sterlite Power. Stringing was done for the Bhopal-Indore 765 kV and Bhopal 400 kV power transmission lines of BDTCL project.

Heli-stringing enables quick execution of installing cables, which otherwise is a tedious and time-consuming process. Moreover, it has reduced the project execution time and shortened transmission line shutdown time. It also renders minimal disturbance to the local community and the environment, which in turn avoids complexities related to ‘Right of Way’.

External Load Operations

In 2015 we conducted external load operations also known as under slung work for Maccaferri Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to install rock fall barriers over the famous Saptashrungi Temple near Nasik Maharashtra. The job involved airlifiting and dropping all of the construction material and equipment from the base to the construction sites.

Maccaferri was running short on time and gave us a deadline of 3 weeks to start the project. We secured all DGCA and local permissions and started, executed and completed the project on time.

Aerial Filming

For 2 successive years from 2012-2013. We worked with Fomula 1 International and conducted aerial filming for the Grand Prix at the Budh International Circuit in Greater Noida.

We have also worked with the Discovery Channel for aerial filming of the Maha Kumbh Mela of 2014 in Allahabad, UP.

Search and Rescue (SAR) and Disaster Management Operations

During the Uttarakhand flood tragedy of 2013, we were the first helicopter operator to start search and rescue operations in the Kedarnath Valley. Working under huge pressure in a disaster so severe, we really understood the unpredictability and the technical challenges such operations pose.

We have also conducted Search and Rescue operations in the Himalayan regions of Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Other applications of helicopters in aerial work that we are exploring are

  • High voltage power line inspection and washing
  • High voltage power line construction
  • Oil and gas pipeline inspection